Identify Anonymous Website Visitors.

Generate more high-value leads and revenue by seeing which companies visit your website.

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Why SalesInfo?

Focus directly on potential customer

Most website visitors leave your site without doing anything. Salesinfo provides you with the company names and addresses of many of these anonymous visitors. You can directly generate up to 32% more B2B leads and sell better to existing customers because you can see what they are interested in.

Free setup implementation, leads directly to your mailbox.

Customer testimonials

“Without any additional effort, we have significantly increased our customer contact rate. This has had a direct positive impact on our revenue.”

Antonia Breuell
Head of Sales, Hilpress GmbH

“With Salesinfo, we can target exactly the right companies because they have already shown interest in our service by accessing our website. “

Roman Kazmierski
Account Manager,

How does SalesInfo work?

How we identify companies

  • Identification – We identify website visitors based on publicly available characteristics.
  • Matching – Using our database and dedicated technology, we identify related businesses from visitor characteristics.
  • Qualification – Based on your target customer profile and buying intent, we qualify the lead.
  • Distribution – We share daily updated reports with you and your team.

How your team benefits

Results immediately

You will receive B2B leads with an overview of all companies including their contact details that have been on your website within the last 24 hours.


A structured, filterable list of all companies that have visited your website. Further processable in Excel or CRMs according to your requirements.

GDPR compliant

Analysis in compliance with all GDPR requirements. Our solution is GDPR/DSGVO compliant.

Dedicated support

A dedicated account manager is assigned to you and is the point of contact for all technical and implementation issues.